Random thought about Óðinn and Fenrisúlfr


I highly doubt that I am the first one to think of this, but it just occurred to me and I haven’t really had a chance to check other sources. This is very unpolished, and if I’m onto something there are things I would have to explain which I’m not able to yet. Some kind of “end of the world” or “death of gods” is attested elsewhere in Eddic poetry, but lacking as to who specifically is included.

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This is pretty awesome.

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Loki the Horned God 


Some meta thoughts on Loki’s depiction, spurred by an interesting convo on my FB about Loki being likened to a Satanic figure in the Norse pantheon, and me mulling over how this is actually a backhanded compliment. I could rant on how Lu/Satan is unjustly vilified, but that’s a rant that is…

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Now you have seen this beautiful creature eating icecream and can live the rest of your life in peace

Now you have seen this beautiful creature eating icecream and can live the rest of your life in peace

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I just finished moving in to my new home (I moved to another state so I could go to college - anthropology, btw), and for the first time in my life I’m actually worried about what other people reactions might be regarding my altar and religion.

The owners seem to be hippies - in the most hippie sense of the word - so they won’t be a problem. But my housemates will be moving here anywhere from tomorrow to the 18th, and I have no idea how they will react and what sort of measures I may have to take regarding my spiritual life. 

I used to live with my mother (knew about my heathen site and didn’t mind) and for a while with my father (knew only about my deep interest in norse mythology and cosmology). 

Let’s see how this shit goes. Just wanted to share a bit.

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.: Loki's Role in the Northern Religions 


After a not too well thought-out post yesterday about Loki (since deleted), I decided to actually learn something. I was given the above link to a very thought-provoking article about Loki’s proper place in heathenry and, although quite long, really challenged my pre-conceived notions and ha me coming to grips with the fact that I still hol don’t the trappings of dualistic theology and need to overcome that.

Yay. :)

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Question: Can rune cards be used? 


Hi There! I was searching through your Runes tag, and various internet sources, and see that most call for using stone, wood, or bones for your Rune set; however, would designing and making Rune Cards work as well? Or is that not acceptable? Thanks for your time!…

Anon, when I noticed that my rune set (wood,carved myself) was causing me problems (because the runes weren’t exactly equal in shape), I made little pieces of paper with the runes in them and put them together (in those little protective ‘sacks’) with tcg cards. I used it for a decent amount of time and it worked just fine. 

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This is your occasional reminder that during the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, the Vanir were winning.

Yep, not the deities who are usually associated with warfare and being a badass warrior and doing warrior things….

But the fertility…

Shit, mate. I’d buy the hell out of pictures like this. Can you imagine Freya with her golden hair partially dyed red from blood, fury burning in her eyes, stabbing someone with a spear? With a falcon flying…. No, no! A RAVEN WATCHING FROM THE TREE. Odin  probably goin’ “Oh my, look at that. I must learn that. Interesting, interesting lady, oh my.”

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The Vanir and the Jotnar 


Taking a break from the St. Patrick’s Day shenans, I’ve been thinking a bit about the relationship between the Vanir and the Jotnar.

I started my Heathen “career” thinking that the Jotnar were ebil powers of Chaos and the deities represented Order that the Jotnar tried to disrupt, Loki was the…

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I hate it when I try to enter discussions on tumblr and end up realizing the discussion already ended.

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Norse Drinking Traditions 


These are the words of the great god Ódinn, cautioning against drunkenness and unrestrained drinking. And yet the drinking of alcoholic beverages was a prominent feature of Scandinavian life in the Viking Age.

Unfortunately, while there are many passing references in Old Norse literature and occasional bits of evidence in the archaeological record, there is far from a complete picture of Viking Age brewing, vintning, and drinking customs. In the course of this paper, evidence from several Germanic cultures will be presented to help fill out the evidence and provide a more complete view of this topic. Although the culture of other Germanic peoples was not exactly like that of the Norse, many similarities exist. In the case of drinking and rituals associated with drinking, the Old English materials seem to present the best detailed view of this activity, which further enlightens the materials surviving from Norse culture.

I fuckin’ love Viking Answer Lady.

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